Sun expert solar preparator

Prepare the skin before sun exposure

For the sun to remain a pleasure, SUN EXPERT Solar Preparator provides reinforced cellular antioxidant protection² to prepare the skin before sun exposure and promote an intense tan³


Sun Expert Solar Preparator promises

  • Prepare the skin before sun exposure
  • Promote an intense tan³
  • Provides reinforced cellular antioxidant protection²

Why Oenobiol food supplements?

OENOBIOL, a French brand, has been a pioneer in the science of cellular nutrition for over 35 years. OENOBIOL supplements are based on research to act on the most essential elements of the body: the cells, providing them with nutrients adapted to activate beauty

OENOBIOL is committed to responsible Beauty Nutrition by offering :

  • 98.9% of active ingredients are from vegetal origin
  • Vegetable capsules from peas
  • An optimal-tolerance formula free from betacarotene

OENOBIOL innovates with Grape Pomace, an exclusive and tested ingredient rich in natural polyphenols, combined with Carotenoids of plant origin and Selenium & Copper.

Sun Expert Solar Preparator active ingredients

Grape Pomace

An exclusive active ingredient developed for OENOBIOL Research, the result of an upcycling approach, grown in Champagne, remarkably rich in

A natural pigment with a bright red-orange color.
Essential trace element, contributes to normal skin pigmentation.
Vitamin E and Selenium
Help protect cells against oxidative stress.
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Quantity for 1 capsule per day : Tomato extract (Solanum lycopersicum L.) 90 mg (incl. Lycopene) (9 mg), Grape pomace extract (Vitis vinifera L.) 40 mg (incl. Polyphenols) (6mg), Vitamin E 10 mg, Lutein 1,05 mg, Copper 0,15 mg, Selenium 65µg

*RI = reference intake

¹ Compared with the previous formula: addition of grape pomace and 30% selenium per capsule. ² 30% more selenium added per capsule compared to previous formula. ³Self assessment questionnaire on the core formula, 74 persons : 40% of test subjects felt that their tan was more intense.Food supplement based on plants, minerals, vitamins and other substances. Food supplements should be used as part of a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. For adults only, keep out of reach of children. People under medical supervision should seek their doctor's advice before taking any dietary supplements. Not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women. Respect the indicated daily dose. Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects."

Directions for use:

1 capsule a day, 1 month before, during and after sun exposure.

Does not protect against sun. Sun protection adapted to your skin type is essential.

Questions fréquentes

The sun preparation product will help you prepare your skin before sun exposure with two objectives: 1- Help your skin fight against free radical damage with its antioxidant protection during sun exposure. 2- Promote and accelerate your tan. To provide a targeted response tailored to your skin and needs, SUN EXPERT is available in several formulas: for normal skin, sensitive skin, anti-ageing, or even in an accelerated version!
A "topical self-tan such as gels, mousses, serums must be applied to the skin and temporarily colors your skin. The color is often orange, uneven, and the application can be complicated.A self-tanning food supplement, works from the inside to gradually color the skin with 100% natural pigments that are assimilated by the body. The tan is uniform on the body and face thanks to the diffusion of pigments in the bloodstream. No streaks or orange color experience after application with our PERFECT BRONZE self-tanners!
It is recommended to start your program one month before sun exposure and continue it for one month during sun exposure.
We recommend starting one month before sun exposure and continuing for one month during sun exposure to achieve optimal results.
Unfortunately, you cannot take Oenobiol Sun Expert and Oenobiol Perfect Bronze at the same time. The regulatory daily dose of lycopene from supplements should not exceed 15 mg. Combining Oenobiol Sun Expert and Oenobiol Perfect Bronze surpasses this maximum dose.If you want to achieve a golden complexion before summer and prepare your skin for the sun, we recommend Perfect Bronze 2-in-1 or Gummies Sun 2-in-1, which have a dual action: self-tanning and sun preparation.
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